Ann Arbor JATC – Audacy Wireless Controls

Ann Arbor JATC – Audacy Wireless Controls

The Audacy Wireless Lighting Control System is a part of IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC., a 103 year old company dedicated to supporting the electrical trade.

Installing the Audacy System at one of the nation’s top trade schools, Ann Arbor Electrical JATC, is one more way we are showing our support.

Ann Arbor, MI
Indoor Lighting

What the Audacy System installation means to the school

They installed the Audacy System, with a low-voltage energized ceiling grid, giving students a peek into the cutting edge of lighting.

Our wireless future The Audacy System can deliver wireless lighting control on a campus or even city-wide basis. Someday, pulling miles of cable may be a thing of the past.

A better way to install An instructor and two students installed the system in less than a day.

The next level of control  The Audacy System is operated from a single tablet or phone. It can be programmed with occupancy/vacancy, daylight harvesting features, and more.

A glowing report card

Students at the school are excited about the possibilities of the Audacy System and can’t wait to use it in the field.

We are happy to give them a powerful new tool to help ensure their future success.

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