Mile High Stadium – Audacy Wireless Controls

Mile High Stadium – Audacy Wireless Controls

The lighting systems in the premium clubs at Empower Field at Mile High —a collection of dimmer switches in the electrical room—were outdated. The Denver Broncos wanted a system that was easier to operate and would enhance the elevated atmosphere of the clubs.

The engineering team looked at several options, but ultimately chose the Audacy System.

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Why the Audacy System was selected

Ease of installation The entire system was installed in three clubs in 3-4 days, not 3-4 weeks. That’s because the Audacy System is wireless. No walls need to be opened. No wires need to be

Ease of use The system can control all three clubs from a single tablet or phone. As their master electrician noted, “I’ve never seen a system that’s as easy to install, easy to program and easy to train on.”

Training & support The Audacy team worked with the Mile High engineering crew to make sure they understood not only how to use the system but how to adapt it for future needs.

Customization The Audacy System allows staff to create lighting “scenes” for each event held in one of their clubs, thereby heightening the experience.

The final score

The Mile High team is a mile high on the performance of the Audacy System. It has performed as promised.

They are considering installing the Audacy System in other locations throughout the stadium.

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