Colorado State University – Audacy Wireless Controls

Colorado State University – Audacy Wireless Controls

Colorado State University (CSU) had abnormal and unused spaces on their campus with unique lighting needs.

The Audacy System was able to take control of the situation and put the power of flexibility in CSU’s hands.

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The Audacy System gave CSU the tools to better customize students’, professors’ and facilities managers’ experiences.

Flexibility: CSU retrofit LED lights in their engineering building with dimming controls from the Audacy System. This let professors create customized environments based on their teaching styles. Also, in CSU’s Book Storage Facility, with ceiling height constraints and different partitioning in walls, wireless occupancy sensors efficiently lit an abnormal space.

Energy Savings: CSU facilities managers noticed significant savings through the Audacy System’s occupancy sensing, dimming control and daylight harvesting. “Our engineers have looked at the meter readings and they said, ‘yes we have seen savings.’ ” – Doug Kolstee, Electrician, CSU

Ease of Use: The Audacy System’s remote access allows CSU facilities managers to be in control of all lighting throughout the campus – from anywhere they can access the mobile app or web interface. This allows facilities personnel to see problems within buildings and formulate plans to fix them even before arriving on campus.


Over the past three years, the partnership between Colorado State University and the Audacy Wireless Controls team has expanded to six buildings on campus. Today, as CSU continues to renovate the campus, the staff is looking forward to seeing where else the Audacy System can be installed.

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