Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory – Audacy Wireless Controls

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory – Audacy Wireless Controls

13th floor update

The fluorescent lighting on the thirteenth floor of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory was outdated and inefficient. It needed an upgrade.

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What the Audacy System offered.

The Audacy System and its team installed a unique solution: a high-performance, low voltage energized ceiling grid, operated through wireless controls. It offered Fermilab many advantages:

 Ease of installation The Audacy team and electricians had the system installed in two days. Not two weeks. No walls need to be opened up as there is no wiring to connect.

Energy savings Daylight harvesting, in which the system recognizes the amount of ambient light and adjusts the fixture accordingly, helps reduce energy use. The system also offers occupancy and vacancy options as well as dimming control for different types of fixtures, meaning the 80,000 hour fixtures will last even longer.

Flexibility The Audacy System’s components are simple to retrofit and easy to reconfigure. Additionally, the joint system allows for future purpose design in the new space.

Lower maintenance costs The wireless devices of the system have 25-year maintenance-free battery lives, ensuring that the facilities managers will have one less thing to worry about for their already busy schedule.

Simple to operate Lighting can be controlled from a phone or tablet. There are also onsite remote and wall switches that let employees choose the lighting to suit their needs.

Total flexibility As the facility’s needs change, the system can be reconfigured as simply as moving ceiling panels around.

The final result

The Audacy System has created a better working environment for the occupants of the 13th floor at FermiLab.

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