UCLA Athletics – Audacy Wireless Controls

UCLA Athletics – Audacy Wireless Controls

UCLA Athletics feared they were wasting energy and money as lights were often left on in their facilities. At the same time, the football staff complained the lights were too bright in the film room.

Enter the Audacy System. One solution that could solve the university’s multiple issues.

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The right amount of light. At the right place. At the right time.

UCLA saw a lot of things that were “right” about the Audacy System.

Energy savings With easily customizable occupancy and vacancy features, the problems of lights left on was eliminated. Daylight harvesting, in which sensors detect the ambient light in a space and adjust fixtures accordingly, also helped.

Total control With the Audacy System, an entire campus can be controlled offsite from a single tablet or phone. Onsite switches enable the occupant to set desired lighting levels easily. The Audacy System solved the film room lighting issue.

Ease of installation The Audacy System easily retrofitted the space in a matter of days. Installation took less than 20 minutes per fixture. The Audacy System is wireless. No walls need to be opened. No cable needs to be pulled.

Lower maintenance costs The Audacy System runs off of a 25-year battery. Very little ongoing maintenance is required for the occupant.

35% reduction in lighting energy costs.

UCLA saw their energy costs for lighting plummet.

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