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HVAC Control

Sensor input is vital for proper control and operation of HVAC systems.  Wireless technology greatly reduces the installation cost for sensors, enables rapid deployment, and overcomes construction obstacles that can make wiring impossible.  IDEAL wireless sensors can be configured off-site and deployed in minutes at the project site, resulting in reduced installation costs and minimal occupant disruption.  Specific transmitter types for HVAC systems include wall-mount temperature, temperature with external probes, humidity, CO2, open-close, and pressure.

Lighting Control

Lighting accounts for a significant portion of overall energy consumption in commercial buildings.  The ability to measure light levels is an important parameter for controlling and optimizing light output. Daylight harvesting, or daylighting, can be used to reduce the amount of light output from overhead fixtures.  IDEAL light sensors measures lux values which can be used as input to a wide variety of lighting systems for on/off and dimming control.

Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitoring and data logging of environmental conditions and equipment status can lead to operational efficiencies, energy savings, and reduced downtime.  IDEAL solution, used in conjunction with 3rd party monitoring partners, provides an automated solution to remotely monitor sites and equipment.  Real-time email and text message alerts can notify staff when operating parameters exceed the desired range, and data logging can be used for trending or predictive maintenance. MORE

Industrial Automation

Monitor plant assets, equipment status, and production materials with maintenance-free wireless sensors. The cost for wiring or battery replacement in facilities with high labor rates or hazardous environments can be very expensive, even cost prohibitive. IDEAL technology enables facility and plant monitoring with zero or minimal maintenance. Wireless monitoring enables you to go from monthly visits with clipboards to receiving automated electronic data every minute for detailed data logging and trending.   Equipment failure can be better predicted to reduce system or production downtime.

Medical Compliance

As additional compliance measures (e.g. JHACO) are required of hospitals, staff can become overburdened with documenting routine measurements.  Manual processes and documentation are subject to human errors and the data is typically not capable of being used for real-time alerting or long-term trending.  When medications or medical samples are out of safe storage temperate ranges, these items need to be discarded for safety purposes and the loss can be a significant expense.

IDEAL's solution, when used in conjunction with 3rd party monitoring, provides an automated way to collect critical environmental data from a range of sensitive equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, and blanker warmers.  Environmental data is logged automatically and stored on secure servers.  Compliance reports can be generated weekly or monthly, and real-time email and text message alerts can notify staff when environmental parameters exceed the desired operating range.

Download: "IDEAL Wireless Sensor System Overview"

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