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Lighting is a Whole Different Ball Game

Ballpark lighting is about more than just the on-field action.

Did you know the first baseball game was played “under the lights” in 1880? The Northern Electric Light Company of Boston erected three wooden towers with electric lamps to demonstrate the feasibility of illuminating large areas, including cities. It wouldn’t be until 1935 at Cincinnati’s Crosley Field that the first night game in Major League history would be played.

While lighting at ballparks in those early days focused on the game play, it now encompasses every aspect of a ballpark’s operations. From the action on the field, to the fan experience, the staff’s working environment, and the players’ club house and training facilities, lighting has taken on a bigger role than anyone could have imagined back in 1880.

Baseball franchises around the nation have upgraded to LED lights throughout their parks over the last decade. Since becoming a member of the IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. family, and with that incorporating Audacy® Wireless Lighting Control into our intelligent light portfolio, we’ve done quite a bit of thinking about how baseball franchises can bring better light to their ballparks using our solutions.

Beginning with re-lighting history

In 2017, the Chicago Cubs were undertaking a major renovation of their historic ballpark, Wrigley Field. Called The 1060 Project, the plan included the construction of “the best clubhouse in baseball,” as the Cubs referred to it. The Audacy team took part in, and won, a competitive bid to install the lighting controls in the new clubhouse. Since then, the Chicago Cubs have been so pleased with the Audacy System’s performance, they installed it in the stadium’s premier level suites as well as their new, six-story office building next door to the ballpark. Read the full case study to learn about the performance and features that provided the team substantial energy savings and customized scene control. 

Rain check no more

We think most would agree the best part about baseball is being outside, soaking up the sunlight (on nice days!) and breathing fresh air. Baseball players spend hours of their day outdoors. So why shouldn’t they experience the same sensation of the outdoors while they are indoors? Our Cadiant™ Dynamic Skylight is the perfect solution for the club house and training rooms that may not have windows to let natural light shine in. Cadiant’s separate sun and sky panels create the sensation of natural sunlight and a blue sky in interior spaces. The top panel represents the sky with varied shades of extreme blue for clear days to gray blue for overcast conditions, while the side panels shift between warm and cool color temperatures to mimic the sun’s natural dawn-to-dusk movement of the day.

Keep your eye on the ball

Then again, baseball lighting isn’t all about the players. Proper lighting greatly enhances the overall fan experience from the moment they walk up to the front gate and enter the park to when they leave the parking lot celebrating the team’s win.

LED lighting luminaires such as our ZR Series troffers, LRX Series downlights and Essentia® Series Track bring superior light quality and color to indoor corridors, concession areas, team memorabilia, and suite level and general seating. Our Noctura™ Series, Edge™ Series or IG Series luminaires provide the appropriate area, pathway and parking garage lighting to make sure fans avoid any curveballs as they leave the park and walk to their cars.

Who said better light had to be out of one’s league? Cree Lighting LED solutions will help any ballpark bat a thousand in fan and player experience.

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