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4 Sons Food Stores, Inc.

Multiple Cree® LED lighting upgrades lead to significant energy savings and surprising benefits for this chain of petroleum stores

Phoenix, AZ
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case study of gas station canopy LED lights

With twenty-one food and petroleum stores in the local Phoenix, Arizona area, Eric Seitz, Owner of 4 Sons Food Stores, Inc., was paying for a lot of lighting maintenance.

“I was growing tired of the maintenance and expense involved with our lights and I wanted to lower the power bills at all of our locations,” said Seitz.

That’s when Seitz contacted Treve Gibson, Owner of DemandDrop about upgrading his existing lighting to a more efficient lighting solution that wouldn’t alter his current lighting plan. Enter Cree.

“We worked together to create a phenomenal cost-saving solution using Cree® LED lights,” said Gibson.

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