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Gas Stations and C-Stores

Outshine the competition with our top-of-the-line gas station canopy lighting and convenience store lighting solutions. They make service islands more inviting, drivers feel safer, and interior aisles and shelves pop. Plus, you can cut energy use up to 70% for up to 10 years, virtually maintenance-free.

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from our professional drivers and other customers who come into our stores on a regular basis. They notice right away; the stores just look more modern.
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Canopy & Soffit

Our easy-to-install canopy fixtures are both energy efficient and low maintenance. They also provide a level of illumination that will catch the attention of drivers from the road and provide more clarity for security cameras.

Application Ideas

Isometric view of gas station

Showcasing Better Light

In an industry where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out, having the right lighting inside, outside and around the perimeter of your business can be a game changer. See how our petroleum customers set themselves apart with better light from Cree Lighting.

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Corporate-wide, Sheetz is transitioning to LEDs for both its interior and exterior lighting and is turning to Cree as a partner in this initiative. At its Raleigh, NC, location, Sheetz has installed Cree® lighting featuring Cree TrueWhite® Technology inside its stores and NanoOptic® Technology in the canopy outside.

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4 Sons Food Stores, Inc.

Timewise Shell Petroleum Station & Convenience Store

Sheetz convenience store lighting in Cary, North Carolina
case study of gas station canopy LED lights
Shell gas station lights

Designed for Performance and Visual Comfort


CPY250 Series

Helps to increase location visibility and incoming traffic, resulting in a better sense of security for customers.


Learn More About Lighting for Gas Stations & C-Stores

Want to know more about lighting at gas stations & convenience stores? Check out the additional resources Cree Lighting has to offer, like this case study on illuminating a gas station both inside and out. Selecting the right lighting solution will enhance the safety, appeal, and energy efficiency of your gas station or convenience store.

If these resources don’t answer your questions about commercial office lighting, consider contacting us.

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Learn more about the difference that Cree Lighting solutions can make for your gas station and convenience store lighting needs. Discover our petro application guide and canopy upgrade guide to get the most out of our products. From design, applications, color selection and more, discover why Cree Lighting stands out from the rest.

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Shining a Light on the OSQ Series

OSQ Series Tool being used to search outdoor lighting choices.

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