A parking structure well lit with LED parking garage lights

Parking Garage Lighting

Good lighting is critical for welcoming visitors into the garage and providing a positive experience to make a great first impression and help keep drivers and pedestrians safe…every time. Lighting parking structures presents particular challenges, and our luminaires are built for the job, providing dramatically better light and reduced glare for excellent visibility at each level of the garage.

From the executive vice presidents to the GM to the operations manager, they just love not only the money we’re saving but the fact that the light is so much crisper, and that it gives people a better sense of security.
Leroy Juel, Master Electrician, American Airlines Center
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Better Lighting is On Deck – the Parking Decks, That Is…

Redefine how you view parking garage lighting. See how our energy-efficient luminaires provide low-glare illumination with unmatched uniformity that helps keep drivers and pedestrians safe, with the ability to adjust to ambient light and occupancy for even more energy savings.

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U-Haul Corporate Headquarters

Cree Lighting helps U-Haul reach sustainable energy reduction goals with tremendous energy savings.

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American Airlines Center

Reston Hospital Center

The U-Haul corporate office in Phoenix from the outside shown with bright parking garage lighting
American Airlines Center parking structure in Dallas, TX with bright, high quality lighting from parking garage LED light fixtures in the handicap section.
Reston Hospital Center’s parking structure from outside at night, shining brightly with LED parking garage lighting.

Parking Garage Lighting Fixtures

Cree Lighting’s IG Series municipal lighting for parking decks

IG Series

Unmatched, low-glare comfort for precise illumination that looks great on every level.


Parking Structure Resources

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Get Outdoor Lighting Under Control

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