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A long lasting partnership…

A long-lasting partnership between Cree Lighting and our suppliers is a top priority and we greatly value each relationship. The competitiveness of our suppliers is a strategic core element of Cree Lighting and only by collaborating can we optimize the entire value chain and attain a competitive advantage.

A healthy partnership can create opportunities for endless growth potential for both our suppliers and Cree. Below is an overview of key elements and minimum expectations discussed in the Cree Lighting Global Supplier Manual that Suppliers must follow in order to do business with Cree. However, our hope is that suppliers will go above and beyond these expectations. Cree Lighting will concentrate on these suppliers and will develop strategic, long-term alliances with key suppliers.


At a Glance: Cree Lighting Global Supplier Manual

  • Supplier on-boarding and how to do business with Cree
  • Commercial policies and procedures
  • Quality expectations and processes Cree Lighting expects from Suppliers
  • Cree's New Product Development process and how Suppliers are integrated into the process
  • Trade compliance, packaging, delivery, and logistics
  • How Supplier performance is assessed and how Cree Lighting will continue to help develop Suppliers
  • Cree's commitment to environmental, health and safety and our expectations for Suppliers regarding this topic

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