Lutron® Enabled Solutions

Cree Lighting luminaires enabled with Lutron® lighting control offer an end-to-end solution that simplifies design and setup, maximizes performance and savings, all while improving the end user experience. A true no-compromise solution to help you get the most from your lighting.


Simple, scalable, wireless lighting control

Wireless lighting control helps make both new and existing commercial buildings efficient, comfortable and productive.

Applications: Indoor, Light Industrial

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Simple, scalable, wireless lighting control

Save Money
Vive is easy to specify, install, and update so you can meet the needs of your building faster, within budget, now and in the future.
Save Time
Quick installation time up to 70% faster than wired control solutions means shorter timelines and lower cost.
Meet Code
Vive is simple to design and offers flexible, easy code-compliant solutions for new construction and retrofits.
Adapt Effortlessly
Program quickly by just using your phone, all with step-by-step instructions. Easily make the changes you need without rewiring.

Vive Compatible Products


ZR Series

Lumen Output: 2,000 - 10,000 L
Wattage: 15 - 74 W
Intelligent Control:

Wired for premium performance and control

Get the wired controls solution you need with instant and seamless interoperability and no additional interfaces or devices to buy.

Applications: Indoor, Light Industrial

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Wired for premium performance and control

Eliminate Guesswork
All EcoSystem enabled fixtures are rigorously engineered and tested to ensure proven system compatibility, and both device and luminaire reliability.
Maximize Savings
Boost energy savings by combining advanced control strategies like occupancy sensing and multi-zone daylighting while also minimizing the number of devices.
Elevate Aesthetics
EcoSystem devices deliver smooth and continuous dimming with consistent curves across all zones and fixtures to elevate your lighting experience.
Repurpose Spaces
EcoSystem enables easy rezoning and reconfiguring during design, commissioning, and throughout the entire building lifecycle without rewiring.

EcoSystem Enabled Compatible Products

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