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IG-B TM-21 Report11/18/2022Download File
Nichia NFSW757GT-V3 LM-80 Data11/18/2022Download File
Nichia NFSW757GT-V3 LED Data Sheet11/18/2022Download File
IG-A Series TM-21 Test Report11/18/2022Download File
Cree XH-G LM-80 Test Report IG-A, LS Gen 1, LS-FD and ZR Series11/18/2022Download File
IG-B Series LM-79 Test Reports11/18/2022Download File
IG-B IP66 Test Report.pdf11/18/2022Download File
IG-A Series IP66 Test Report.pdf11/18/2022Download File
IG-B Driver Matrix.xlsx11/18/2022Download File
IG-A Family Driver Matrix.xlsx11/18/2022Download File
Cree Outdoor Luminaire Compatible Emergency Inverter Systems Spec Sheet.pdf11/18/2022Download File
Programmable Multi-Level (PML, NTX-FSP221B Pole Mtd Sensor & E) Installation Guide_CI369X01R4_A.pdf11/18/2022Download File
IG-B Series IES Files – Side Light Shields11/18/2022Download File
XA-PSxxKIT Install Guide10/27/2022Download File
CPY250 Upgrade Install Guide10/27/2022Download File
Nichia NF2W757GR-V3 LM-80 Data10/24/2022Download File
CR Version B Troffer Series TM-21 Calculator_Nichia NF2W757GR-V410/24/2022Download File
CR Version B Troffer Series TM-30 Reports10/24/2022Download File
CR Version B Troffer Series LM-79 Test Reports10/24/2022Download File
CR Version B Troffer Series Driver Matrix10/24/2022Download File
CR Version B Troffer Series IES Files10/24/2022Download File
CR Series Gen II Version B Architectural Troffer Spec Sheet10/24/2022Download File
The Color of Money – CRI and Petroleum Marketing10/20/2022Download File
C-SW-A-S66L-SCCT TM-21 Calculator10/06/2022Download File
C-Lite SW-SCCT LM-79 Test Reports10/06/2022Download File


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