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Advocate BroMenn Medical Center

This medical center parking structure upgrades lighting with Cree® 304 Series™ LED luminaires, taking it from costly aggravation to superior illumination.

Normal, IL
Outdoor Lighting
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Advocate BroMenn Medical Center located in Bloomington-Normal, IL, has been serving and caring for the people of central Illinois for 115 years. When it was time to improve the condition of the facility’s parking garage, owners looked for the best LED technology that would provide extended luminaire life with no compromise in the quality of the illumination performance.

The six-deck garage serving Advocate BroMenn was illuminated around-the-clock with metal halide lighting that director of facilities management, Dwight Hill, said was high maintenance and expensive to operate. Hill was replacing bulbs as often as twice a year, motivating him to find an LED system that would lower energy consumption and reduce maintenance.

Products Used


304 Series

Parking Structure
Lumen Output: 4,595 - 13,712 L
Wattage: 46 - 135 W

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