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 Lexington, KY  Indoor Lighting

Allsports finds that Cree® LED lighting accentuates its merchandise, delivers savings on utilities and puts to rest the hassle of constantly changing bulbs.


Ron and Marge Atkins were always into tennis, regularly vying for amateur championship titles and enthusiastically advancing the sport in and around Lexington, KY. But when they first started playing, in the early 1970s, there wasn’t a sporting goods store in the area that provided quality tennis gear or expert racket stringing.

So Ron and Marge opened their own store. “See the need, fill the need” was their guiding principle. And in their home on Clay Avenue, Allsports was born.

Word got around, demand increased and soon customers wanted other quality sporting gear —athletic footwear and apparel adorned with school and professional team logos, and more. The Atkins’ living room could no longer accommodate that demand; Allsports had become a regional powerhouse.

You wouldn’t know today — given the store’s newest location near the center of Lexington’s Fayette Mall — that Allsports was born of such humble beginnings. Or perhaps you would — given the Atkins’ attention to every nuance of customer service, as if every customer were a guest in their home.

Allsports’ commitment to excellence extends to the store’s infrastructure. So when it came time to select a lighting system for the new location, the Atkins turned to the industry champ: Cree. 


Allsports’ inventory is now showcased under three models of Cree® LED lighting: the LRP-38™ lamp, LR6™ downlight and LR24™ troffer.

Powered by Cree TrueWhite® Technology, Cree lamps provide an unrivaled combination of 92+ CRI and up to 74 lumens per watt efficacy. The superior color accuracy of each lamp draws out the naturally vibrant colors of merchandise to enhance their appeal, while their high efficacy and longevity significantly reduce both energy and maintenance costs. 

Designed to replace PAR38 lamps, the LRP-38 lamp provides higher efficacy and longer life than ceramic metal halide and introduces breakthroughs in optical, electronics and mechanical design, as well as thermal management.

Cree downlights blend beauty and performance with the same superior light quality as traditional fixtures but at a fraction of the energy used. The LR6 downlight offers an unprecedented efficacy of 60 lumens per watt, meaning that 100 watts of incandescent light can be replaced using only 10.5 watts, representing a major milestone in the advancement of LED lighting.

Cree architectural troffers demonstrate technical ingenuity at its finest, delivering a superior mix of performance and payback with unmatched longevity and color consistency — all backed by an industry-leading fixture warranty. 

The LR24 architectural LED troffer delivers up to 3,800 lumens of exceptional 90-plus CRI light while achieving more than 73 lumens per watt. This revolutionary performance is achieved by combining the high-efficacy and high-quality light of Cree TrueWhite® Technology.


Blaine Atkins, son of Ron and Marge Atkins and now the owner of Allsports, says he appreciates the longevity of the Cree LED lighting solution. The center of the Allsports store has high ceilings, and no one on staff misses having to drag the ladder out of the closet on a weekly basis. 

But most important is how the quality of the Cree LED lighting showcases the store’s merchandise. Atkins says this has made a big difference in presentation. Allsports features an impressive variety of collegiate gear, and accentuating school colors — most prominently, of course, that UK Wildcat blue — is certainly good for business.

“Incandescent and fluorescent lights have a flat cast compared to the LEDs,” Atkins says. “Colors are now more vibrant and the products really stand out. 

“Everybody likes the way the store looks. They think the fixtures are cool and the merchandise really shows well. The overall lighting is much brighter too.” 

Atkins adds that since the Cree lights were installed, the store has realized cost savings on utilities. 

“Our new location is twice as big and has an open ceiling and two entrances,” he says, “but we’ve only seen a 25 percent increase in utilities.”

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