American Tobacco Campus

American Tobacco Campus surpasses sustainability goals with the switch to energy-efficient LED lighting from Cree in campus parking decks.

Durham, NC
Outdoor Lighting
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In the early 2000’s, Capital Broadcasting Company purchased a historic cigarette factory and tobacco warehouse in Durham, NC with the goal of repurposing the space into a hub for local businesses. More than 100 tenants later, American Tobacco Campus serves as an office and entertainment district, home to successful businesses, favorite restaurants and popular tourist attractions.

With innovation and technology at its forefront, American Tobacco Campus pioneered a campus-wide sustainability program that included changing the lighting in the campus’ three large parking decks to Cree® LED lighting.

Products Used


VG Series

Parking Structure
Lumen Output: 3770 - 5700 L
Wattage: 33 - 54 W

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