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At this Benjamin Moore® paint store, color is what they sell. With the newly-installed Cree® CR24™ architectural LED troffer, co-owner Lesley Merritt now sees the same color and light quality across her entire store — while reaping the benefits of substantial maintenance and energy savings as well.

Staunton, VA
Indoor Lighting
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According to Benjamin Moore store co-owner Lesley Merritt, although paint is what customers leave with, color is what they sell. Since the illumination source can affect the perception of color, it’s critical for a paint store to have a lighting solution that renders colors in their true form.

And because an appealing environment is essential in retail, getting rid of the humming and flickering from the current fluorescent lighting would go a long way towards improving the overall customer experience.

According to Merritt, “With the current [fluorescent] lighting, very often when you go to replace bulbs, they’re not the same color as the bulbs you had in before and there is some mismatch. As they go bad, they flicker, and then to get them changed we have to have a person come into the store…to have them changed out, and it happens frequently.”

Choosing a new lighting solution for her store was an important decision. Lesley wanted to rest easy knowing that her customers would see the same great color at home as they did in her store. So when it came time to replace the store’s tempermental fluorescent fixtures, she turned to Cree.

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CR Series

Lumen Output: 2,030 - 5,070 L
Wattage: 16 - 38 W

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