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Exceptional smart home lighting and control made simple. Turn on, off or dim to your favorite shade of white light, follow the sun, or get the party started with millions of colors with our Smart Lighting. Choose intelligent lighting for home devices. See and hear what is going on both inside and outside your home with our Smart Cameras. Control and manage your Connected Max products from anywhere in a variety of ways: on the app, using your voice assistant, or one of our in-wall or handheld Smart Controllers. Set up is fast and easy too – pair quickly using Bluetooth and control with WiFi.

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Features & Benefits

Connected Max Features and Benefits

Set the Perfect Scene
With the easy-to-use Cree Lighting app, you can control individual bulbs or create groups, plus set scenes, routines, and schedules to perfectly automate your lighting to match your needs.
Follow the Sun
Automate your lights to gradually shift color throughout the day to mimic natural sunlight—which can improve your mood, well-being and productivity, day and night.
Bluetooth & WiFi
Flawlessly connect and control
Color Changing
Every color under the rainbow
Tunable White
Any white light from warm to cool
High Quality Light
Beautiful rich, vibrant light
Dim with app or voice assistant
Control from Anywhere
Adjust your lights from your phone
Light Your Routine
Use light to help you wake or sleep
voice control
Voice Control
Works with Amazon Alexa, Hey Google
Easily automate your lighting to your liking
Night Vision
See in the dark up to 30-feet away
2-Way Talk
Hear and speak in real time to anyone
Real-Time Notifications
Get motion alerts right on your phone

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Connected Max Help Guides and How-To Videos

Quick Start GuideWireless Router GuideFAQs
How to Create Schedules
How to Use Light to Wake
How to Use Light to Sleep

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Connected Max Download Library

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Connected Max Smart Cameras and Controllers Sales Sheet01/21/2022Download File
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Connected Max Smart Video Doorbell Quick Start Guide01/21/2022Download File
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Answers About Smart Home Lighting

How to Make Your Home Lighting Smart

Setting up your ideal smart house lighting only takes a few simple steps. First, start with light bulbs. Our Connected Max Smart Home bulbs pair with our Cree Lighting app to control with a touch of your fingers. Simply replace your traditional bulbs with our equivalent bulbs. Switching out a light bulb is one of the simplest ways to begin your smart home lighting transformation. You can also choose a smart assistant to pair with your home lighting. Our smart connected lighting works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Shortcuts, etc.

How Does Smart Home Lighting Work?

Smart lights are simply Wi-Fi enabled devices that connect to the internet wirelessly. They allow you to connect to a smart home hub or smartphone cordlessly. All you need to use Cree Lighting’s signature smart home lighting is to download the Cree Lighting app on your smartphone.

To choose which smart light bulbs to use, consider reading our blog post ‘Which LED Light Bulb is Right for Your Home?’ for our best recommendations and insights.

How Does LED Lighting in Smart Homes Save Money?

All of our smart lighting bulbs are LED. LED bulbs are a great energy-efficient alternative to incandescent bulbs due to their low heat output and high energy savings. Choosing our programmable light bulbs guarantees cost-effective, bright light. 

Explore our Application Gallery to see how our LED solutions can brighten your spaces.

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