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Brooklyn Bridge

The City of Brooklyn creates light art in the pedestrian walkway using Cree Edge™ luminaires.

Brooklyn, NY
Outdoor Lighting
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For quite some time, the pedestrian entrance to the Brooklyn end of the Brooklyn Bridge was very unwelcoming with its low lighting and lack of directional signage. Pedestrians who used the walkway quickly made their way through without taking notice of beautiful architectural features or quaint shops Brooklyn has to offer.

In May 2008, as a part of the bridge’s 125th birthday celebration, a completely redesigned pedestrian walkway called “This Way” was unveiled. Permanently installed light art designed by Tillet Lighting Design, enhances notable architecture and reinforces the borough’s identity while increasing safety, efficiency and functionality for visitors.

Products Used


THE EDGE® Series

Canopy & Soffit
Lumen Output: 1,548 - 35,841 L
Wattage: 35 - 263 W

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