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City of Greensburg

After being declared a National Disaster Area in the aftermath of an EF-5 tornado, the City of Greensburg rebuilds using Cree® energy-efficient LED lighting.

Greensburg, KS
Outdoor Lighting
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On May 4, 2007, tragedy struck Greensburg, Kansas when an EF-5 tornado 1.5 miles wide completely devastated the community of 1,389. With less than 10 percent of all buildings standing, the City was declared a National Disaster Area.

Several months after the devastation, the community regrouped and developed a plan to rebuild. The goal was not only to rebuild, but to develop an economic and environmentally sustainable community for today and future generations. City planners agreed that using energy-efficient LED lighting for streets and outdoor areas met the economic and environmentally sustainable goals.

Products Used

The Edge Square Area

THE EDGE® Square Series

Lumen Output: 572 - 33,208 L
Wattage: 19 - 263 W

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