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City of Kenosha

 Kenosha, WI  Outdoor lighting

The City of Kenosha cuts costs and improves the quality of light with Cree® LEDway® LED lights.


Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, the City of Kenosha is feeling the effects of a shrinking budget. Tasked by its constituents to do more with less, the city researched different ways to help reduce operating costs and make a positive impact within the community.


The city’s research identified that replacing traditional high-pressure sodium (HPS) streetlamps with LED streetlights would deliver big benefits. “The decision to install LED streetlights was made to primarily reduce operating and maintenance costs, but it also improved quality of light,” said Ron Bursek, Director of Public Works for the City of Kenosha.

The City has converted streetlights throughout neighborhoods such as 39th Avenue and 75th Street, and plans to install LED streetlights for all new roadway projects. The LEDway® streetlights are mounted on existing poles at a height of 35 feet with a footcandle average of 0.77 and a minimum of 0.4 in accordance with IES RP-8 standards.


In addition to reduced maintenance costs, the LED streetlights are expected to deliver an energy savings of 40 percent annually and provide improved visibility and uniformity compared to HPS streetlights. The NanoOptic® refractors within each LEDway® streetlight distribute light precisely to deliver more lumens into target areas. This helps to create a safer environment by eliminating dark spots between fixtures. LEDway® streetlights also deliver significant environmental advantages such as a reduction in CO2 greenhouse gas emissions, built with no mercury or other heavy metals, 99 percent recyclable, and Dark Sky Association approved. “Residents believe LED streetlights are environmentally responsible and part of a bigger environmental initiative,” said Bursek.

The decision to upgrade HPS streetlights to LED came before the announcement that the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act would distribute funds to communities with shovel-ready projects. The City of Kenosha was a pioneer in recognizing the potential of LED streetlights to reduce cost and enhance the environment within the community.

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