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City of Los Angeles

 Los Angeles, CA  Outdoor lighting

The City of Los Angeles upgrades streetlights to Cree LEDway® luminaires to achieve an estimated energy and maintenance cost savings of $10M annually.


The City of Los Angeles (LA) owns the second-largest streetlighting system in the nation behind New York City. An estimated total of 209,000 streetlights or 5,000 miles of lighted streets consume approximately 29 percent of the city’s total operating budget.

The LA Mayor’s office, LA Department of Water & Power, the Clinton Climate Initiative, and the City have collaborated on the Green Streetlight Program. The Program aims to replace existing cobrahead lights with Cree LEDway® streetlights in local neighborhoods.

The program, funded by a combination of energy rebates, the Street Lighting Assessment Fund and loans, will be repaid over seven years using savings from the upgrade. By the eighth year, the City will see an annual savings of $10 million.

“This project showcases how government can address environmental and economic challenges with creative problem-solving,” said Ed Ebrahimian, General Manager of the Bureau of Street Lighting.


In 2009, the city installed 8,000 Cree® LEDway LED luminaires and is expected to replace a total of 30,000 streetlights each year for the next four years. Some streetlights feature the Roam® monitoring system to collect and report data such as energy usage and equipment performance. The system can help reduce equipment malfunction, increasing customer satisfaction.

“The City of Los Angeles is leading by example and making a significant impact to fight the effects of climate change,” said Ebrahimian. “After an expansive test of LED luminaries from various manufacturers, Cree met or exceeded the expected performance, cost savings, and sustainability goals of this project.”


The resulting energy and maintenance savings are as exceptional as the illumination performance delivered by the advanced Cree LED lighting systems. The City expects a 63-percent energy reduction and $60,000 savings in maintenance. LEDway streetlights reduce the city’s energy use by approximately 40 percent and lowers carbon emissions by an estimated 40,500 tons per year (or the equivalent of taking 6,700 cars off the road).

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