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Fresh Consulting

 Bellevue, WA  Indoor Lighting

Wanting to create an environment that promotes collaboration and a sense of comfort, Fresh Consulting, a Seattle-based tech company, selects our ground-breaking Cadiant® Dynamic Lighting Experience to bring the outdoors in to their newly renovated office space.


Bellevue, Washington-based Fresh Consulting had a problem — a good problem. The company, who helps businesses use and implement new technologies to design and build forward-thinking apps, websites and automation systems, was experiencing double-digit growth. The problem — Fresh needed to increase its current footprint to accommodate their 150 designers, developers, engineers and digital strategists at the Bellevue location.

“At Fresh, we strive to create a work environment that is built on strong team culture and creativity. We believe that taking care of our employees is paramount,” said Fresh Consulting Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Dance. “That commitment extends to the workplace. We wanted to create an environment that promotes collaboration and a sense of comfort.”

To foster that environment, Fresh Consulting provides its employees a catered lunch everyday believing that team lunches often spark the best ideas, reinforcing their mantra that “none of us is as smart as all of us.”

The company undertook an extensive renovation of approximately 25,000 square feet on the first floor of its current location. Built into a slope with the exterior surrounded by trees, the space lacked the benefits that come from natural sunlight, particularly the back half of the space where the kitchen area, designed as a central gathering location for the Fresh team, is located.


To overcome the lack of natural light in the space, architectural plans called for the installation of virtual skylights. Electrical contractor Evergreen Power Systems, Inc. contacted Pacific Lamp & Supply Company Outside Sales Representative, Rachel Bowers, to identify the right fixture for the project.  

In 2019, Rachel attended LightFair, an annual showcase of new innovations in lighting, where she toured the Cree Lighting exhibit booth and first learned of the Cadiant® Dynamic Lighting Experience. That initial exposure to the Cadiant® Dynamic Skylight and a subsequent “lunch and learn” with David Weigand, controls sales manager at Form Lighting and Controls, left her very impressed with the uniqueness and functionality of the fixture and viewed it as a perfect solution to provide the visual impact and natural benefits of a real skylight in a space where installing one was impossible.

“We’re now living in a world where everyone is looking for smart fixtures that are interactive and can harvest daylight and change color temperature throughout the day,” said Bowers. “The Cadiant® Dynamic Skylight is one of the most unique solutions that I have seen and a great option for offices that don’t have their own natural light. It is affordable and incredibly user-friendly with users having the ability to create their own natural light experience. Having an American company, such as Cree Lighting, with a quick lead time goes a long way in our industry. It was easy to order, looks beautiful and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to bring natural light into a dark, closed off space.”

Overall, eight Cadiant® Dynamic Skylights were installed in the kitchen area of the expansion project, recreating the sensation of natural sunlight and a blue sky in the space. Using advanced lighting control and color changing technology, separate sun and sky panels create the east-to-west arc of the sun. A top LED panel represents the sky and can vary from the extreme blue of a clear day to the gray blue of overcast conditions. Inner LED side panels shift between warm and cool color temperatures, mimicking the sun’s natural dawn-to-dusk movement of the day.


“As a technology company, we appreciated the innovation, design and standalone functionality that allows for greater customization,” said Steve Hulet, chief technology officer at Fresh Consulting.

The standalone system eliminates IT hassles and specification roadblocks, while the code-compliant controls and SmartCast® automated set-up and commissioning make it easy to specify. Using an intuitive, wall-mounted SmartCast® touchscreen with a clean graphic interface, users have three options: they can choose to let the sun follow the natural east-to-west course of the day; or choose from standard presets — Dawn, Morning, Midday, Afternoon and Evening; or easily create and save their own presets with simple fingertip control over the light levels and colors profiles.

“We wanted a lighting solution that could overcome the lack of natural light in the space and also be a centerpiece of our kitchen, the key gathering pace for our team,” said Dance. “The Cadiant® Dynamic Lighting Experience is exactly what we were looking for. The lighting fixture itself is like an art piece and the team was wowed by the Follow the Sun feature and the ability to choose the light they wanted. You can really feel the difference when the color temperature of the lights changes.”

In line with Fresh’s commi®ent to taking care of its employees, evidence suggests mood, sense of well-being, productivity and cognition might all benefit from lighting that tracks the solar day. The Cadiant® Dynamic Lighting Experience provides a valuable sensory connection to the outdoors in spaces where access to natural lighting through windows is improbable, impractical or impossible. Whether people are in conference rooms, interior offices or open spaces in commercial offices, they can feel the effects of natural sunlight despite being indoors.

“One of our industrial designers told me they wanted to start their day in the kitchen area because of the lighting and I couldn’t agree more. The difference between the Cadiant® Dynamic Skylight and a standard LED lighting fixture is night and day. This high-end lighting is a perfect fit for our high-end experience,” concluded Dance.

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