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Cree® LED Lighting upgrade transforms facility with better visibility, greater costs savings and virtually zero maintenance solution.

Altamahaw, NC
Indoor Lighting
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Glen Raven Logistics is located in Altamahaw, North Carolina on the same property where Glen Raven, Inc. was originally founded in 1880. While the facility itself was previously a manufacturing facility, it was retrofitted in 2007 for Glen Raven Logistics. Dan Cox, President of Glen Raven Logistics, envisioned a full-service logistical partnership for his customers utilizing the new found space. Both lighting and layout were selected as areas for improvement, specifically to address the 400 watt metal halide HID fixtures that were positioned to illuminate the large machinery that once occupied the center of the facility floor. The Glen Raven team turned to Cree to update the existing lighting with smart LED lighting for improved performance and energy savings.

Products Used


CPY250 Series

Canopy & Soffit
Lumen Output: 1,730 - 21,300 L
Wattage: 14 - 132 W

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