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Reed-Lallier Chevrolet

 Fayetteville, NC  Outdoor lighting

Reed-Lallier Chevrolet® upgrades to Cree® LED lighting in order to showcase their vehicle inventory after dark like never before


For Mike Lallier, owner of Reed-Lallier Chevrolet®, it was time for a change – in the lighting for his auto dealership, that is. With frequent dimming and burned-out lighting in the parking lot, high, hard-to-reach poles and expensive yearly maintenance, Reed-Lallier Chevrolet® in Fayetteville, North Carolina, was looking for a lighting solution that would not only provide superior light output and color quality, but reduce energy and maintenance costs as well.


With the help of Stan Pomeranz, designer at Light Tech Design, Mike Lallier examined the benefits of upgrading his exterior lighting to Cree Edge High Output LED area and flood luminaires – and quickly decided to convert from the previous metal halide solution. In autumn 2012, 99 Cree Edge High Output luminaires were installed and immediately began to provide Reed-Lallier Chevrolet® with remarkable efficiencies.

Because site and area lighting are often the largest energy expense for automotive dealerships, the Cree family of LED luminaires can drastically reduce the wattage required to light the lots while at the same time creating an inviting appearance that can provide customers with a sense of safety and security. And with virtually no maintenance and Cree’s 10-year limited warranty, the decision to replace the metal halide fixtures was an easy one.

For Lallier and his team, distributing the light intensity was very important. Designed specifically for auto dealerships, the Cree Edge High Output LED area luminaire utilizes Cree-patented Automotive FrontlineOptic Technology, providing unprecedented color quality while placing the light precisely on the front row of vehicle inventory – the perfect solution for Reed Lallier’s dealership front line. By providing light precisely where it’s needed, the Automotive FrontLine optic minimizes light trespass and makes the front line really pop – a solution that shows both the business and vehicles in a better light.

“The Automotive FrontlineOptic’s effect was huge,” says Stan Pomeranz. “You can’t beat 1000-watt metal halide’s intensity, but with the Automotive FrontineOptic, having both the intensity and distribution is a win-win.”

“Before, the front row was very bright and unpleasant to look at. It brought attention to the glare of the light, not the cars. Now with Cree Edge High Output area luminaires, the car’s true color speaks to the customer,” says Pomeranz.

Utilizing BetaLED® Technology, including the patented NanOptic® Technology providing a level of optical control only an LED light source can provide, the Cree Edge High Output solution incorporates a superior thermal management system using an innovative flow-through design to effectively draw heat away from LEDs, maximizing performance and longevity.

The Cree Edge fixtures also feature the exclusive Colorfast DeltaGuard® finish with an E-coat epoxy primer and ultra durable powder topcoat providing excellent resistance to corrosion, ultraviolet degradation and abrasion. Backed by a 10-year finish warranty, the Cree Edge High Output luminaire will look great long after the competition fades away.


The investment in Cree LED luminaires is netting a payback in energy and maintenance savings as well as accomplishing performance and efficiency goals. By making the change to Cree Edge High Output LED area luminaires, the auto dealership has a calculated energy savings approaching 55 percent, with an additional $79,916 annual savings expected in reduced energy and maintenance costs. Add to that a 20-percent reduction of outdoor fixtures and it all adds up to significant savings that could then be reinvested into the business to generate even more sales.

Mike Lallier is so pleased with the Cree solution that within the next 12 months, Reed-Lallier Chevrolet® will be converting their indoor showrooms, service bays and office areas to the proven performance of Cree LED lighting as well.

In the meantime, Reed-Lallier’s new exterior LED lighting solution from Cree is showcasing the dealership in a whole new way by letting the car’s true colors speak to the customer — not the glare of the light.

Now that’s curb appeal.

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