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Reliable Buick® GMC® Cadillac®

 Roseville, CA  Outdoor lighting

An upgrade to Cree® LED lighting allows beautiful new vehicles to take center stage. Owners enjoy an encore of reduced energy use and maintenance but interested customers deliver the standing ovation.


For Bruce Westrup, owner of Reliable Buick® GMC® Cadillac®, installing new LED lighting was about far more than saving energy and virtually eliminating maintenance. According to Westrup, outdated halogen and metal halide fixtures needed to be replaced because it made economic sense and it made marketing sense to make his dealership look dramatically better for not that much more money.

Westrup’s main goal in seeking to install LED lighting was to draw attention to the products he sells – beautiful new Buick®, GMC® and Cadillac® vehicles. Poor light quality from old technology fixtures prevented the exterior and interior showrooms from looking their best but worst of all, according to Westrup, the true colors and finishes of the new automobiles were compromised.

The owner also felt that he had experienced the financial effects of halogen and metal halide lighting long enough to know that he didn’t want the heat the fixtures produced or the frequent and costly maintenance to replace dimming and burned out bulbs.


With the help of Omega Pacific Electrical Supply, Westrup examined the benefits of upgrading to LED luminaires and landed on Cree lighting for high quality illumination and 100,000-hour lifetime with virtually zero maintenance. When General Motors approved the dealership to upgrade to Cree LED luminaires from the company’s recommended halogen lighting, Westrup moved forward with a one-for-one replacement using Cree 304 Series™ recessed canopy luminaires. The new luminaires were installed in the exterior canopy surrounding the dealership entrance and in the service write-up area where integrated multi-level dimming occupancy sensors further lower energy use.


The 304 Series™ LED luminaires provide vastly improved light quality including uniform distribution and ample light between the vehicles. Vehicles displayed beneath the entrance canopy of Reliable Buick® GMC® Cadillac® are fully illuminated throughout the night so the brilliant finishes can be seen just as well as they are in the daylight. The brightly illuminated vehicles lead prospective buyers to the dealership entrance with safe, inviting light that’s as beautiful as it is practical.

After seeing the results of the 304 Series luminaire in the exterior locations, Westrup inquired about what could be done with lighting for the interior remodel. His main objective – to illuminate display vehicles in the best light possible – was met with another upgrade. At Westrup’s direction, a lighting layout to spotlight four showcase cars was developed. Twenty-seven Cree ESA Series 8-inch LED architectural downlights with round aperture replaced 17 250-watt square aperture metal halide fixtures. Westrup said he could have lit the showroom with a one-for-one replacement of fixtures with nice even lighting but that wasn’t his goal; his goal was to showcase product.

Pleased with his effort to put product first, the owner enjoys the way the Cree LED lighting provides appropriate illumination on the vehicles so the shiny chrome and glossy pearl and metallic paint finishes on the vehicles can be appreciated for their true vibrancy. The color quality, consistency and stability of the ESA Series luminaires exceeds that found in traditional light sources.

Previously needing to replace dimming or burned-out metal halide bulbs on the interior of his showroom every two or three months, Westrup is now enjoying the value of practicality – beautiful performance that’s nearly maintenance-free. He believes the new LED lighting from Cree cuts power consumption by approximately one third, delivering reduced energy use and cost. But the real payback is creating eye-catching vehicle displays that interest customers indoors and outdoors.

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