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Theodore Francis Green Airport

 Warwick, RI  Outdoor lighting

Theodore Francis Green Airport reduces energy consumption by upgrading airport arrival roadway lighting with Cree® LED lighting.


Theodore Francis Green Airport, a state-owned airport located in Warwick, RI, is operated by the Rhode Island Airport Corporation. The airport is a vital transportation alternative to Boston’s Logan International Airport for air travelers in southern New England.

Like many businesses, the Airport Corporation looks for ways to reduce energy consumption and costs, as well as reduce maintenance expenses. An overall energy audit with ConEdison Solutions was conducted to determine current usage and identify opportunities for efficiency and reduction as part of an Energy Saving Performance Contract.


The airport’s arrival roadway was identified for an efficiency upgrade. The roadway had 150 175W metal halide fixtures that were wall mounted but directed straight across, providing inadequate illumination on the roadway. After exploring LED lighting through testing, RISE Engineering decided to install Cree® LED luminaires with funding support through rebate subsidies from National Grid, the local utility, and ConEdison financial incentives.

“I am astounded at the low wattage used to achieve the required amount of light,” said Steve O’Neill, project development specialist at RISE Engineering.

Sixty-two Cree® LED luminaires were installed, reducing energy consumption by more than 50 percent. The luminaires provide greater lighting performance than the previously installed metal halide lights and produce a whiter light and significantly improved illumination.


“The new lighting in the arrivals roadway is phenomenal,” said Joe DaSilva, director of terminal maintenance for the Rhode Island Airport Corporation.

An evaluation of the Cree® LED luminaires’ estimated service life and reduction of lighting maintenance, combined with funding and utility rebate subsidies, will assist the Airport Corporation in determining if additional LED luminaires will be installed in exterior areas such as the airport parking lots.

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