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University of California - Davis

 Davis, CA  Outdoor lighting

By switching to Cree® LED luminaires and adding the bi-level activity-sensing Smart Technology, the California Lighting Technology Center at UC Davis will see energy savings of up to 80 percent.


Nearly one-quarter of the electricity consumed in the U.S. goes to lighting. To better conserve that resource, the California Lighting Technology Center at UC Davis and its partners have designed and installed a new bi-level LED lighting system using Cree Edge™ LED parking structure luminaires at UC Davis’ South Entry Parking Structure near the Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts.


The new parking structure lighting solution includes 51 side-arm mount Cree Edge™ fixtures in white, featuring three light bars and two-level sensor control.


The LED fixtures feature activity-sensing technology that provides enhanced nighttime visibility while reducing energy consumption. By switching to LED luminaires and adding the bi-level activity-sensing Smart Technology, the Center will yield energy savings of 50 percent when the lights are at full power and 80 percent when at half power.

Based on nighttime bi-level operation with an average ambient temperature near 15°C, Cree LED luminaires at facilities like the Mondavi Center need no relamping and are virtually maintenance-free for 20 to 25 years.

The key to longevity is proper thermal management. The fixture’s modular design has individual heat sinks mounted to each light bar, leading to scalability in design and the assurance the LEDs are operating at optimal temperature.

“With LED lighting, we are improving visibility and enhancing the safety of our parking structure while reducing energy consumption,” said Chris Cioni, UC Davis associate director, utilities. “We are also significantly reducing both maintenance costs and light trespass compared with the incumbent metal halide technology. Deploying LED lighting in our parking facilities yields benefits in many areas and we will be evaluating LED lighting in other applications.”

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