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Walgreen’s® furthers its mission of sustainability by installing Cree® LED lighting in their new Goodyear, Arizona store — reducing total cost of ownership and the carbon footprint, while providing a more inviting shopping experience for customers.

Goodyear, AZ
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According to company history, in 1901 when Charles Walgreen opened the first Walgreen’s drugstore in Chicago, “new, bright lights were installed to create a cheerful, warm ambiance,” a marked departure from the cramped, dimly-lit stores of Walgreen’s competitors.

Today, lighting continues to be a key element through PURE (People Using Resources Efficiently) — Walgreen’s corporate sustainability program. As Walgreen’s undertook construction planning for three new stores, including the Goodyear, Arizona location, they looked to Cree, an industry leader in LED lighting technology, for opportunities to reduce energy and carbon footprints while also lowering the total cost of ownership.

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CR Series

Lumen Output: 2,030 - 5,070 L
Wattage: 16 - 38 W

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