A19 4Flow Connected Bulbs

The Cree Lighting Connected LED Bulb produces a high quality, Soft White (2700K) light that looks and lights even more like a light bulb and can be controlled from anywhere. It is an easy-to-use and cost-effective way to customize lighting in your home. Simply install your bulbs and compatible hub, sync with the applicable App, and begin to control your light settings using your iOS or Android device.

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Product Details

Compatible with multiple home automation systems, the 4Flow Connected LED Bulb works with either Wink, SmartThings, WeMo Link or any other ZigBee Certified hub. Once installed, you can easily dim or brighten to the perfect setting, schedule lights to come on automatically at the start of the day, or turn on lights for added security when you are away from home, all from the palm of your hand.

Can also be used with Amazon Alexa or Google Home with compatible hub.

NamePackagingWattage EquivalentColorBrightnessWattageCRILifetimeWarrantyBaseSizeWorks WithFeatures
60-Watt Equiv.
Soft White 2700K
Daylight White 5000K
815 Lumens
25,000 Hours
3-Year Limited Warranty
E26 Medium Screw-Type
4.4" x 2.4" 1.98 oz.
Wink Hub
SmartThings Hub
WeMo Link
ZigBee Certified Hubs
Dimmable via App
Omnidirectional Light


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Connected Bulb – Pairing with Amazon Alexa10/05/2021Download File

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