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Hamilton Volkswagen

 Hamilton, NJ  Outdoor lighting

Cree LED Lighting Brings Brilliant Light and Value to Hamilton Volkswagen


Outdated lighting can be a large, but necessary, expense for any business but is especially true for automotive dealerships where lighting is integral to bringing evening shoppers to the car lot to browse inventory and purchase cars. For David Brodtman, general manager of Hamilton VW in Hamilton, NJ, it meant spending, on average, $2000 a month on maintenance. “When the lights went out, there were dark spots on the lot so visibility of the cars suffered as well as visibility of the dealership on the highway where our dealership is located, says Brodtman, “when I was signing those bills to get the lights replaced, I mean it killed me every single time. Every time they come out with that bucket truck, it was $600 even before they touched a light.” Those days are over now that Hamilton VW has replaced outdated and high-pressure sodium lights with Cree LED luminaires.


According to Brodtman, the move to Cree LED lighting just made good business sense helping to reduce maintenance costs and increase energy savings but also comply with the dealership’s and Volkswagen’s pledge to increase sustainability and be green.

Volkswagen is committed to its sustainability programs and aspires to be the greenest auto retailer in the world. Hamilton VW owners Harris Wildstein and Chip Ott are also committed to sustainability and energy savings, and in fact, Hamilton VW is so forward-thinking, they had solar panels before LED lights, which usually happens in the opposite order. According to Mr. Brodtman, being green and concern about sustainability are things that just make good sense. “You know what? Some people are short-sighted and look only at the upfront costs rather than the savings down the road. And sometimes it scares them. But if you know you’re going to get a payback in 2 ½ or 3 years, or even 4 years, it makes good business sense. Not to mention you have the savings from the maintenance, and nobody likes getting hit with those unexpected bills.”

According to Rexel Energy Solutions, the lighting distributor, Hamilton VW was the perfect customer to go to LED lighting. Dealership management was already on board with sustainability and energy savings, they did not have to be sold on LED lighting. “They were the anomaly, they knew exactly what they wanted and said show us the right number ROI and we’re in.” They saw the return on investment where they wanted it, and they were in.


The entire dealership was retrofitted with LED lighting. Cree LED downlights light up the showroom where inventory now shines brilliantly under the new lights. The inventory was not all that seemed to brighten under the lights. According to Brodtman, dealership employees said they immediately felt more energized and like they were working in an updated environment from the new clean white light shining throughout the dealership.

Outside the dealership, the dark, hidden lot came to life. It became visible from the highway where it was located but did so without disrupting the light quality of nearby residential communities. As evident with the dealership’s and Volkswagen’s commitment to being a member of the green community, they also feel a responsibility to being a good citizen of their local community. It was very important to the dealership to maintain that good standing within their community

While commitment to sustainability programs can make the changeover to LED lighting an easier decision, Brodtman emphasizes that his decision to outfit his dealership with Cree LED lighting was also plain, old good business sense. “Updating to Cree LED lighting increases the quality of our work environment, the value of our building and ultimately the value of our business.” That makes this Cree LED lighting solution a win-win!

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