Newport News Public School District

With new Cree® LED luminaires, the parking lots and outdoor areas at seven district schools now meet the sustainability illumination requirements of each school while substantially reducing energy and maintenance-related costs.

Newport News, VA
Outdoor Lighting
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As the economy forces school districts to slow or even halt capital improvement plans, many are focusing on what can be done to improve the efficiency and environmental quality of existing facilities.

The Department of Energy reports that state and local agencies are planning to invest more than $60 billion in the next three years to build or renovate schools.

Now is the time for school districts, government and community leaders, and parents to recognize that sustainable products, such as LED luminaires, are a catalyst to significant improvements in energy efficiency in the nation’s K-12 schools.

Products Used


304 Series

Parking Structure
Lumen Output: 4,595 - 13,712 L
Wattage: 46 - 135 W

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