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Palm Beach International Airport

 West Palm Beach, FL

The Palm Beach International Airport improves lighting performance, increases efficiency and cuts costs by upgrading the arrival and departure roadways with Cree® LED lighting.


The Palm Beach International Airport (PBIA) is operated by Palm Beach County through the Department of Airports. PBIA is committed to enhancing the airport through sustainable products, especially in areas that reduce energy consumption, costs and maintenance expenses.

An energy audit was conducted by Florida-based Hillers Engineering to determine current usage and identify opportunities for efficiency. The airport’s arrival and departure roadway was identified for an efficiency upgrade. The roadway had 695 25-year-old 100W metal halide (HID) fixtures using approximately 66,000 kWh per month.


A lighting design study was conducted to evaluate Cree® LED luminaires along with traditional HID solutions based on illumination and economic performance. According to Tom Galassi, PBIA maintenance supervisor, there was no comparison — the Cree luminaires were an easy upgrade choice.


The recent installation of 695 79W Cree luminaires will provide PBIA with an annual energy savings of 429,388 kWh, equating to approximately $34,000 and an annual lighting maintenance savings of more than $27,000. The airport will see a payback of approximately five years.

Feedback about the visual effects of the lighting installation has been incredible. Travelers have commented to PBIA that the lighting is bright and white, making it easier to see the roadway.

“I’m very pleased with the project and the anticipated energy and maintenance savings from the Cree lighting installation,” said Galassi.

Additionally, sheriff deputies who patrol the roadway and direct traffic have spoken highly of the illumination from the Cree luminaires because it makes visibility easier and the lighting is evenly distributed. PBIA improvement plans include relighting the baggage handling areas, roadway signage, aircraft gate parking and the existing parking garages with LED luminaires.

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