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Breakthrough New CPY500™ Series Canopy Luminaire Turns Fuel Islands into Customer-Preferred Destinations

Published on: 10/5/2021

RACINE, W.I., October 5, 2021 – Cree Lighting today announced an all new canopy lighting solution, the CPY500™ Series. With a modern, innovative design, this fixture provides fuel islands and commercial canopies with category-leading levels of curb appeal, visual comfort, energy efficiency and customer attraction.

Research shows that more than 50% of drivers rank lighting quality high in importance when choosing a gas station (Beard, 2018). The new CPY500™ Series fixture sports an ultra-low-profile design that blends into the canopy, a unique slimline edge-lit bezel to provide “sparkle” that attracts the eye of passing drivers, and overall, sets the new canopy lighting benchmark in visual comfort, light uniformity and ease of installation and service.

“Retail petroleum companies seeking to differentiate their brands are investing in better fuel island experiences, cleaner restrooms and larger convenience store layouts – and lighting plays a central role in all these,” said Erik Milz, Cree Lighting Vice President of Products. “We designed our all-new CPY500™ Series to win the stamp of approval from consumers as well as the company CFO. Our product teams poured breakthrough thinking, the latest technology and deep industry know-how into this new design. With the performance levels achieved, we expect demand will not just come from replacing incandescent systems - it will include retailers with inferior LED canopy fixtures as well.”

The new CPY500™ Series combines an attractive, low-profile form factor, diffused optics and an expansive 11” x 11” edge-to-edge illuminated lens design, providing a 246% larger illuminated surface area than a typical 7” x 7” canopy fixture. The new design was carefully engineered to minimize up-light and spillover, ensuring every lumen is directed where it is needed, resulting in fuel islands bathed in crisp, uniform light with significantly higher visual comfort. Multiple lens and bezel configurations enable owners to fine-tune the lighting experience to their specific requirements and preferences.

Designed from the ground up and rigorously tested, the CPY500™ Series rings the bell on all counts – aesthetics, performance and utility. Delivering up to 165 lumens per watt with superior visual comfort compared to alternatives, the new CPY500™ Series sets a new industry benchmark in efficiency, light distribution, low glare and overall performance, cutting operating costs by more than 65% compared to traditional lighting sources. DLC Premium qualification enables many owners to leverage rebates, which further reduces the cost of updating, making it even easier to justify creating a safer, more efficient and more welcoming environment.

“The CPY500™ Series also sets itself apart with streamlined, labor-saving serviceability for both new construction and retrofit scenarios,” said Milz. “Installation of the CPY500™ Series can be done by one person working below and then above the canopy for wire-up. The components are then easily accessed for inspection or service from below. There’s no need to go topside on the canopy after initial installation.”

New construction requires only a 4” hole in the canopy, while retrofit installations are also a breeze. A unique angled driver housing design allows installation even in tight spaces where traditional luminaires cannot be installed because of canopy structural member interference.

Flexibility was built into the portfolio to ensure owners are covered for every situation:

  • An available field-adjustable output option enables on-site fine-tuning from below the canopy to achieve the right light level for the petroleum marketer’s space. Owners can adjust light output using nine brightness presets for maximum flexibility.
  • A 20,000-lumen version extends the CPY500™ Series’ reach to higher canopy mounts.
  • Sites in even the most ordinance-restricted areas are covered with a choice of 5700K, 5000K, 4000K and 3000K color temperatures.
  • Site owners can choose from three choices of color rendition. 70 CRI is standard, with optional 80 and 90 CRI versions available.

The CPY500™ Series LED canopy luminaire is now available for order through Cree Lighting® petroleum sales channels throughout North and South America. To learn more about this breakthrough luminaire, please visit www.creelighting.com/CPY500.

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Beard, F. (2018). Back to Basics. NACS Magazine. https://www.nacsmagazine.com/issues/august-2018/back-basics 


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