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Cree Lighting Brings Brighter LED Bulbs to The Home Depot Shelves Near You

Published on: 4/30/2020

DURHAM, N.C., April 30, 2020 – While LED bulbs have become more popular in consumers’ homes because of their long life and energy efficiency, there is still a gap in LED products to replace high wattage, high brightness incandescent bulbs that do put out a lot of light. Hearing these concerns, Cree Lighting introduced today three new products and improvements to four of its existing products to provide consumers with more options to meet their lighting and energy efficiency needs.

“Cree Lighting is committed to delivering premium LED bulbs that work better and last longer. With our new high brightness LED bulbs, we are focused on providing consumers with not only the highest quality light, but a lot more of it: more light for everyday tasks indoors and more light to make your home safe and secure outdoors,” said Phil Primato, director of consumer retail at Cree Lighting.

The new products include a high brightness general purpose A-lamp for use in lamps and most standard lighting applications; a high brightness PAR38 outdoor flood light bulb; and high brightness decorative glass candelabras for use in chandeliers and decorative fixtures.

Highlights of the new products and existing bulb improvements include:

New Products

  • 125W equivalent A-lamp – puts out 2,000 lumens in both soft white (2700K) and daylight (5000K) versions, making it among the brightest LED A-lamps available to consumers.
  • 250W equivalent PAR38 Flood – produces 2,100 lumens, making it among the brightest PAR38 bulb available on the market.
  • 75W equivalent B11 Clear Glass Candelabra – delivering 700 lumens of high quality light, these glass candelabra bulbs are among the brightest glass LED candelabra bulbs available, rated to last longer than many comparable glass LED bulbs (25,000-hour rated lifetime) and good for use in enclosed fixtures. Available in soft white (2700K) and daylight (5000K) versions with an E12 candelabra base, as well as a soft white (2700K) version with an E26 standard medium base.

New Improvements:

  • 40W and 60W equivalent Clear Glass Candelabra – now available with an improved full rated LED lifetime of 25,000 hours, up from 15,000 hours previously. All good for use in enclosed fixtures, in both soft white (2700K) and daylight (5000K) versions.
  • 100W equivalent R20 Flood – now provides more than 1,400 lumens (up from 980 lumens) in both the 2000K and 5000K options. For use in 4-inch recessed cans and track light, it is among the brightest R20 LED bulbs available to consumers.
  • 100W equivalent A-lamp – same 1,600 lumens and high-quality light as the previous version, but now in a smaller, traditional A19 bulb size.

All the new and improved bulbs deliver beautiful 90+ high CRI light, so in addition to making homes brighter, they deliver exceptional color quality – making the colors in your home appear more vibrant, rich and natural. Each bulb is rated to provide the longest lifetime – 25,000 hours or more than 22 years – of better light. Additionally, all the bulbs are dimmable, ENERGY STAR® qualified, meet the strictest standards for California Title 20 compliance, and are protected by Cree Lighting’s best-in-class 10-year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

“We believe that when it comes to LED bulbs that are designed to be in consumer homes for years, better is worth it – and that’s why these new bulbs provide the best quality light and the most of it,” said Primato.

Consumers can find Cree Lighting’s full lineup of LED bulbs at The Home Depot stores or online. Please visit www.creebulb.com to learn more.

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Cree Lighting, A company of IDEAL INDUSTRIES, is a market-leading innovator of LED lighting fixtures, lamps and commercial lighting solutions for interior, exterior, and intelligent lighting applications. Cree Lighting’s cutting-edge technology delivers proven value for municipalities, as well as for education, automotive dealership, industrial and healthcare customers. The Cree Lighting team is committed to transforming the way people experience light through innovative technology and intelligence platforms that help make buildings more efficient and businesses more profitable. Visit https://www.creelighting.com for more information.


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