PAR38 Pro Series

Better light is beautiful light. The PAR38 Professional Series is part of our new and improved LED lamp family and features a remarkable combination of bright, precise light in multiple beam angles, high color rendering, and quiet dimming. Even better, the PAR38 lamp is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, lasts up to 6 times longer than the cheap LED lamps, and provides up to 85% energy savings compared to incandescent.

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The ENERGY STAR certified, California compliant Cree Professional Series PAR38 LED bulb is a higher lumen solution ideal for use indoors in a track or recessed can, or outdoors in security or landscaping lighting. Delivering up to 1,500 lumens of 2700K, 3000K, or 4000K light, halogen-like light while using just 19 watts, the Cree PAR38 LED bulb is available in multiple beam angles for different applications. It is fully dimmable and designed to last 25,000/50,000 hours.The PAR38 is instant-on, and wet-location rated for worry-free use indoors or out.

NameWattage EquivalentSeriesCCTBeam AngleVoltageBase TypeCRIPackaging Options
120W120 Watt, 1,370 Lumens CBCP = 15°: 14,000, 25°: 7,000, 40°: 2,900
150W150 Watt, 1,500 Lumens CBCP = 3,360
250W250 Watt, 2100 Lumens CBCP = 3,272
P1Professional Series 1st Generation
27K2700K (120W Only)
40K4000K (120W, 40° Flood Only)
15SP15° Spot (120W Only)
25NF25° Narrow Flood (120W Only)
40FL40° Flood
Blank120 Volt
E26Edison Base
Blank>90 CRI
U1Single-Lamp Carton
Master Carton = 12 Single-Lamp Cartons


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PAR38 Professional Series LED Lamps Spec Sheet10/05/2021Download File

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