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Intelligent Lighting Synapse® SimplySNAP Controls

Synapse<sup>®</sup> SimplySNAP Controls


Intelligent Lighting with SimplySNAP Controls Overview

Synapse<sup>®</sup> SimplySNAP Controls


Synapse<sup>®</sup> SimplySNAP Controls


Synapse<sup>®</sup> SimplySNAP Controls


Synapse<sup>®</sup> SimplySNAP Controls


Cree Lighting luminaires with Synapse® SimplySNAP wireless lighting controls bring intuitive, intelligent lighting control to area, parking and industrial applications.

SimplySNAP On-Site Controller (SS450-002)

SimplySNAP On-Site Controller (SS450-002)


Twist-Lock Lighting Controller (TL7-B2)

Twist-Lock Lighting Controller (TL7-B2)

Building Management System (BMS) Gateway (BMS-GW-002)

Building Management System (BMS) Gateway (BMS-GW-002)

Daylight Harvesting Kit (KIT-SBOX-DLH)

Daylight Harvesting Kit (KIT-SBOX-DLH)

Outdoor Antennas

Outdoor Antennas


Historically there's been no good way to control traditional outdoor and high-bay lighting technologies such as fluorescent, high-pressure sodium, and metal halide. Dimming is difficult, expensive and inefficient, and repeated on-off cycles either shorten lamp life or simply isn't practical. Control schemes for these legacy technologies typically come with the high price tag and complexity headaches of traditional indoor lighting controls.

A wireless mesh solution such as SimplySNAP solves those problems. But many wireless mesh solutions are "bolted on" in the field by 3rd-party integrators who pair a wireless mesh network to manufacturer's fixtures without prior testing for interoperability between drivers and components. Cree Lighting solutions featuring SimplySNAP have been extensively vetted and tested for interoperability. Customers have the confidence of a tightly integrated, single-source solution that allows end-users to commission, maintain and program the system themselves.


  • Stand-alone functionality out of the box managed locally via LAN or via the WPA2-PSK-secured Wi-fi interface.
  • Secure, 2.4 GHz line-of-sight wireless mesh network connects up to 1,000 fixtures to a SimplySNAP site controller up to a mile away.
  • REST API-based open interface integrates with a variety of third-party platforms and ecosystems (including BACnet) to provide seamless control and management of a facility's indoor/outdoor lighting systems.
  • Enforced password complexity and time delay, with unique secure sign-ins for multi-user environments.
  • Unique non-TCP translatable instruction protocol and commercial-grade, industry-standard AES 128-bit encryption for network communication.


  • No Internet connection, costly integration, third-party hardware or software required.
  • Control light levels and set event triggers via programmable schedules, light sensors, and motion sensors.
  • Straightforward installation lowers labor costs, risk, callbacks and truck rolls.
  • Commissioning & setup can be done on-site or remotely without headaches or hassle.
  • Use the web-based user interface to manage your system via Ethernet or wireless connection to a PC, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Future-ready, scalable and integrable -- upgrade software, add controls and link to your BMS without replacing the existing system.
  • Store and access data on schedules, power, zones, triggers, alarms, and critical events for analytics, maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Network can be configured and operated separately from a facility's IT network.


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