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Phoenix, Arizona
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At the U-Haul corporate headquarters parking structure in Phoenix, Arizona, the existing lighting was inconsistent and not aesthetically pleasing. The lighting tended to yellow and could cast shadows that created a murky effect throughout the structure. The less than ideal lighting was also energy inefficient.

When U-Haul began its search for a new lighting solution, it turned to LED lighting. U-Haul had previously considered LED technology but was concerned about the high temperatures in Phoenix so it initially considered fluorescent and induction options because of the higher Kelvin temperatures available. However, since its initial look, LED lighting technology greatly improved and became the clear choice for U-Haul this time around.

U-Haul Company’s requirements for its LED lighting solution included better light quality and performance, lower maintenance needs and costs, an outstanding product warranty and light-level control functionality. All of these features were needed without compromising on the ability to meet U-Haul Company’s prime sustainability goal of energy reduction. Cree® LED lighting was able to deliver the energy reduction U-Haul was seeking with all the performance, quality and control features it demanded.

Products Used

OSQ Area

OSQ Series

Lumen Output: 4,000 - 85,000 L
Wattage: 26 - 520 W

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