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Are you frustrated with trying to find your order information – going back and forth between manufacturers’ portals, trying to remember passwords and usernames? Our new partnership ends that frustration!

Published on: 11/29/2023

We’ve partnered with OrdrTrak to make finding your order status simple and easy.

What is OrdrTrak?

OrdrTrak is a 3rd party platform connecting the supply chain at every level to provide more timely, accurate, and complete order tracking transparency. Currently with 20 brands available, it’s quickly becoming the go-to source of easy to access order status information for the electrical industry. Cree Lighting is one of these 20 brands to help you get real-time, up to date, information through one single portal.

Why should I use OrdrTrak?

We’re going to guess you want to make tracking orders quick and easy. Implementing OrdrTrak will free up time during your day to work on the more important things – placing orders, speaking with customers, or maybe even catching up on the water-cooler chat. This is where our partnership comes in, with OrdrTrak, you can easily change your challenges into solutions.

challenges and solutions

How do I use OrdrTrak?

OrdrTrak provides shipping and tracking information for all your suppliers using one simple login. We’ve provided a step-by-step guide on how to set up and use OrdrTrak below.

1st – You will need to set up an account with OrdrTrak

  • Once your account is set up, we provide an easy-to-use guide that will get you up and going to track your orders through Cree Lighting fast.

2rd - After you receive the Cree Lighting registration confirmation, from your CSR, you are ready to begin the connection process.

3rd - Locate Cree Lighting under “Not Connected Manufacturers” and click “Authorize”.

ordrtrak manufacturer connections

Click “Token Required”.

ordrtrak manufacturer connections - token required

4th - After clicking “Token Required” you will be redirected to the Cree Lighting login page.

Enter your email address and click First Login.

Re-enter your email address, click send verification code -> Continue

*Note: this can take up to five minutes*

login and verification

5th – Verification email will come from Microsoft on behalf of CreeLighting  B2C

Example email:

example email

6th - After you receive the verification code (via email), enter the Verification Code number, click verify code -> Continue.

You will be prompted to create a password (this is not provided by Cree Lighting) -> Continue

creating a new password

7th - After you create a password, you will be re-directed to OrdrTrak. If the connection was successful, you will see a “Token” expiration date.

*Note, the token is valid for 30 days. After 30 days you will be prompted to get a new token.

getting a new token

That’s all. You’re now set up in the OrdrTrak system and can easily access your Cree Lighting order status and tracking information. If you need additional information or would like to sign up, please contact ASoens@creelighting.com.

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